Substance abuse (drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, etc)

Arden says:

"Scientists have learned that the brain makes its own pleasure-producing chemicals, called endorphins and enkephalins. These chemicals lie at the surface of certain specialized nerve cells, or neurons, in the brain and fit into the neurons like keys into keyholes.

Substances such as nicotine, narcotics, etc. contain chemicals that also fit into these keyholes, which is why these substances produce feelings of pleasure. As a result of relying on increasing doses of the substance however, the brain stops the production of its own endorphins and enkephalins. Thus these substances actually change the body chemistry in such a way that normal functioning becomes impossible unless the substance is present.

Suggested Use: You can either listen to one music each day in a listening program or use several different titles in 1 day. Each music supports the movement created by the others. When all of these titles are used together they help to support the reversal of this body chemistry through distinct vibrations.

To prepare for or during a detoxification process, listen to all the CDs in the following order. Listen to 1 throughout one day and another the next and so on. "

Listening Program for Substance abuse

Intuition, Track 5

Day 1 - Depression
Depression (Track 5-Intuition CD) helps alleviate depression whether short or long-term.

Many people initially find their feelings of depression become heightened listening to this CD, as the male voices bring them into deeper contact with themselves. If the depression is severe, or feelings initially intense, either listen less often for shorter periods or use this music in a therapeutic situation or with a friend to help process these feelings.
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New Heart

Day 2 - New Heart
With a tempo of 60 beats per minute this CD enhances any learning or meditation program.

Useful in a recovery treatment plan of any kind, Track 2 particularly promotes visualization regarding heart function and a healthy circulatory system.
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Inner Harmony

Day 3 - Inner Harmony
Promotes overall a greater speed and flow of energy through the whole system. Give yourself an energetic 'tune'up'!

Focuses movement in the opening and closing mechanisms in the chakras themselves; the connections between the chakras and energy channels; and the overall alignment and integration of both chakras and layers of the aura.
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Inner Focus

Day 4 - Inner Focus
Helps maintain will power by creating and maintaining a stable core of electromagnetic energy in the body. Use to counteract the influence of substances such as nicotine, narcotics, etc which contain chemicals that mimic the brain's natural opiates - endorphins - so producing feelings of pleasure and addiction. Habitual use inhibits the brain's ability to produce its own endorphins and changes body chemistry in such a way that normal functioning becomes impossible unless the substance is present.
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Day 5 - Dreamtime
Dreamtime helps you settle down to sleep and improves sleep quality. Also good if you suffer periods of restless, interrupted or disturbed night sleep - including nightmares or insomnia.
Promotes more theta and delta brainwaves, which, in turn, produce deeper and more restful sleep patterns.
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Music for Children

Day 6 - Music for Children
Helps develop individuality & greater personal expression. By freeing up the limiting structures that influence/govern your behavior, you can alter emotional patterns that contribute to substance dependence in the first place.
Supports your preparation, emotionally and energetically, to establish greater stability and belief in yourself by freeing up the 3rd chakra (solar plexus) and strengthening overall energy flow.
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Enhance Your Listening Experience...

listening on headphones

Achieving Results
Our music requires regular listening to achieve results. In most cases, we suggest a minimum period of 1-2 months, one CD per day until you are familiar with the music's effects, or more frequently if desired. Benefits are achieved whether listening on headphones or as background music - the only difference is the length of time it takes to achieve results.

ripples on water

Common Listening Reactions
As tensions within your system begin to' move in response to listening, initially you may experience temporary discomfort. You may also experience reactions such as tingling, heat or increased tension, an emotional release, sensations of boredom or a complete rejection of the music altogether. You might perceive these reactions as 'negative' but they usually pass quickly. If this happens to you, we advise listening for shorter periods of time and at a lower volume, starting from the beginning of the CD each time. By continuing to listen, your body quickly becomes accustomed to the movement and these reactions then pass.

Choosing Your Headphones:
Good quality noise-cancelling headphones are recommended because they:

  • reduce external noise, thus reducing your listening volume
  • enhance benefits of the psychoacoustic effects in the recordings
  • protect your hearing - very important!

Caution: 'Earbud' headphones increase distortion, offer a more limited frequency range and encourage listening at higher volumes because of ambient noise 'leakage'. Prolonged exposure to loud volume can cause stress-related tension & potential long-term hearing loss

Using Media Players:
If you want to 'rip' your CD to load the tracks onto your media player, we recommend copying the files in .wav format. Whilst .mp3 is a commonly used format for ripping music files, the resulting compression reduces the range of frequencies contained within the original recording and reduces the quality of the file you end up listening to. You may not notice the difference but your body will!

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