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INNER SOUND Personal Music CD, (for mental / emotional / physical / energetic themes)

Order a uniquely 'tailored' compilation of INNER SOUND 'motifs' to help support or develop a period of personal change.

Your CD can be based on whatever you want. You provide us with a brief description of yourself and the subject of your music. You choose one or a combination of themes.

Some examples of recent requests: supporting study program for exams; improving memory; developing creativity; loss of a loved one.

Download a questionnaire to complete here.

Your CD comes with listening recommendations for its use & maximum benefit. The effectiveness of your CD depends upon your use, so the more regularly you use it the quicker you will notice beneficial results.

As a general rule, a Personal Music CD will remain effective for up to 12 months after which time you may find you wish to request a further compilation.

Your Personal Music will be compiled and sent to you within 48 hours of receipt of your questionnaire, photo and payment.

Your Personal Music is recorded with SSRS (Spectrum Sound Resonance System)

Price:   £65.00 (plus postage)

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