New Born Babies:

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Once your baby's born, you'll have your hands full! Our music will help you maintain your emotional 'center' during this important time in your life as you welcome your new-born into your family.

You can play our music at any time during your daily routine - whilst feeding; bath time; taking a nap - our music provides a relaxing background accompaniment to all these activities and more.

Our suggestions help nurture and support you and your baby during this important period of adjustment and new beginnings.

Learn more about how and why sound and music are so effective in helping us establish new patterns by reading: "Sonic Pathways"

Music for New Born Babies

Inner Sun CD

Inner Sun
Promotes emotional bonding and integration of relationships - establish your connection with your baby, your partner, and the process unfolding within you. Helps develop: emotional stability and well-being, confidence, communication and self-expression. Baby will love it too!
Learn more: Inner Sun

Deep Touch CD

Deep Touch
Deep Touch CD helps promote sensory perception, body awareness and overall body coordination in young children and adults alike.
Gently massage your baby's hands, feet and caress them all over while listening to this music.
Learn more: Deep Touch

Dreamtime CD

Dreamtime CD helps your baby settle down to sleep. Also good for you if you suffer any periods of restless, interrupted or disturbed night sleep.
Promotes more theta and delta brainwaves, producing deeper and more restful sleep patterns.
Learn more: Dreamtime

New Heart CD

New Heart
This music particularly focuses movement in the chest/heart region. Greater emotional stability leads to lower stress levels, deeper relaxation and more continuity.
This music benefits the development of all one-to-one relationships.
Learn more: New Heart

More Alternatives...

Voyage to Freedom

Voyage to Freedom
3 tracks that work well individually or together, Track 1's lush violin melodies evoke the 'nurturing' quality of mother's love. Track 2 promotes emotional bonding in all family relationships by 'cleansing' our heart connection of past trauma. Track 3 helps alleviate mental and emotional stress.
Learn more: Voyage to Freedom

Repose for relaxation

Put your feet up and enjoy these relaxing melodies overlaying sounds of the ocean. As you listen, your body will absorb the frequencies it needs while the rest pass through without leaving any 'footprints'. This CD's 'pure' intervals create less stress for your nervous system and you'll feel refreshed and revitalized!
Learn more: Repose

Just Celtic

Just Celtic
Transport yourself to the banks of bonnie Loch Lomond as you reflect & relax to selected traditional Celtic melodies. Arranged in 'pure' tuning - an older form of tuning - that your nervous system recognizes more easily and relaxes to more quickly. Need we say more?
Learn more: Just Celtic

Radiant Body CD

Radiant Body
Promotes more body consciousness by creating a musical 'massage' of your whole energy system. Encouraging an upward movement from below your feet to above your head, 'combing' the different layers, opening and expandng any areas of constriction as you listen.
Learn more: Radiant Body

Magical Garden

Magical Garden
Track 1: natural bird sounds & fast-flowing streams re-create our sense of connection with 'nature'. Re-establishes the flow of sensory information through the body, clearing emotional 'blockages', creating greater contact with and acceptance of self. Track 2 promotes a contemplative state of solitude as the call of the loon bird and accompanying storm create an evocative, 'magical' atmosphere!
Learn more: Magical Garden

Music for Children CD

Music for Children
For developing individuality & personal expression in children & adults. In freeing up limiting structures that influence/govern your behavior, you're less likely to impose them on your children. Supports your preparation, emotionally and energetically, for childbirth by freeing up the 3rd chakra (solar plexus) and strengthening overall energy flow.
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