Children Ages 4-7:

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Your child's formative years are an important phase of physical and emotional development during which time many changes take place. It is also a time when patterns of emotional behavior may originate.

You or your children can use any of our listening suggestions as background music to other activities, day or evening. Suitable for bedtime, if appropriate.

Our suggestions help nurture and support you and your child during their early learning and development.

Learn more about how and why sound and music are so effective in helping us develop an awareness of ourselves and our environment: "Sonic Pathways"

Music for Children: Ages 4-7

Radiant Body CD

Radiant Body
Helps your child develop their personal identity - whether physical, emotional or mental - forming part of their learning & developmental process.
Listen more frequently if there are psychological or developmental problems
Learn more: Radiant Body

Music for Children CD

Music for Children
Maintains your child's natural curiosity and spontaneity.
This music supports your child's learning process during the ages of 4 - 7 years.
Learn more: Music for Children

Inner Sun CD

Inner Sun
This music provides a 'centering' influence to any child who seems hyper-active; has difficulty in expressing their desires, needs or feelings; for developing self-confidence, personal power, and a sense of individuality, irrespective of age or gender.
Learn more: Inner Sun

Dreamtime CD

Dreamtime CD helps your child settle down to sleep. Also good for you if you suffer any periods of restless, interrupted or disturbed night sleep.
Promotes more theta and delta brainwaves, producing deeper and more restful sleep patterns.
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More Alternatives...

Voyage to Freedom

Voyage to Freedom
3 tracks that work well individually or together, Track 1's lush violin melodies evoke the 'nurturing' quality of mother's love. Track 2 promotes emotional bonding in all family relationships by 'cleansing' our heart connection of past trauma. Track 3 helps alleviate mental and emotional stress.
Learn more: Voyage to Freedom

Repose for relaxation

Relax and enjoy these calming melodies overlaying sounds of the ocean. As you listen, your body will absorb the frequencies it needs while the rest pass through without leaving any 'footprints'. This CD's 'pure' intervals create less stress for your nervous system and you'll feel refreshed and revitalized!
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Deep Touch CD

Deep Touch
Deep Touch CD helps reduce hyperactivity. Children who exhibit this behavior often have an excess emotional charge in their bodies that they have difficulty releasing. This music helps them do so.
Also promotes tactile development and overall body coordination
Learn more: Deep Touch

Nature Serenade CD

Nature Serenade
For those who experience emotional highs and lows, or have difficulty in expressing or discharging excess emotional energy.
A build-up of emotional energy can keep the brain from entering into a dynamic balance between the 2 hemispheres, hindering relaxation.
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Learning: 4-7 yrs

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Relaxation Hyperactivity Communication / Self-Expression Physical Stamina/Vitality