INNER SOUND Therapeutic Music Practitioner Certificate


Our Therapeutic Music Practitioner Certificate is available as:

  • Presence Learning (Presence modules & Home Study)
  • Distance Learning (Home Study only)

Aims & Objectives

INNER SOUND is an original system of sound therapy and therapeutic music for the expression and the integration of the emotions. Our Practitioner training is based on empowering clients to resolve past emotional experiences and develop self-awareness.

All students develop experience of this process by completing listening programs based on 4 'classifications of experience' and enhancement exercises (movement, visualization and breath) unique to INNER SOUND

Developing personal clarity and effective client/practitioner skills enables greater efficiency in guiding clients through their inherent unblocking process using individual listening programs.

Presence Module Dates


2-Day Course

Introduction to INNER SOUND Sound Therapy is an optional introductory module that provides a range of different experiences to broaden your perspective on the role sound and music play in your life. STPC students are introduced to the 4 'classifications of experience'. Open to anyone wishing to extend their knowledge and experience of sound therapy generally as well as the INNER SOUND system. Full course description

2-Day Course

Module - How Sound Heals theory & practice-based module introduces the following topics: physics of sound; effect of sound on biological function and physiology of the body; effect of sound on the nervous system. It also introduces theory and function of emotions; effect of sound on the emotions; field theory; acoustic and electronically produced sounds; where different instruments resonate. Open module recommended to any students of our practitioner trainings.

2-Day Course

Module - Evaluation Tools theory & practice-based module introduces two assessment tools to determine which motifs or music will be most appropriate for your clients' requested themes - Iris Interpretation and Body Reading. These tools form the basis of our interview and observation process. Open module recommended to any students of our practitioner trainings.

2-Day Course

Module - Interview & Intervention Process theory & practice-based module introduces how to use information provided by your clients to create listening programs individually tailored to their needs. Topics include: listening goals; creation of an ongoing process with your client; describing the therapy process and listening goals to clients; how to conduct an interview and session.

2-Day Course

Module - Client-Practitioner Relationship Developing effective communications with your clients; identifying client behavior patterns and how to work with them; ethics and professional attitude; review of equipment.


Conducted on a continuous basis throughout your training via email, Skype video conferencing or telephone. Scheduled appointments support and review your listening home study program and address any questions you have between presence classes or as you progress through each module at home. Listening programs are reviewed and discussed in each class. Optional presence supervision may be offered to support case study work, depending on size of group.

Study materials included in the cost of this training consist of two manuals of detailed notes covering theory & all aspects of treatment protocols; student tests for certification & case study criteria and a set of 18 INNER SOUND Self-Discovery Series CDs. Download a summary of Course Modules for Home Study.

Important: Please Note

Your listening program provides reference material that you draw on during & after your training. Whether you opt for the presence training or prefer to set your own pace as a home study student, you are required to complete listening programs of all the INNER SOUND CDs included with this course. These are designed to create an ongoing personal process while you are training, offering an in-depth understanding and familiarity with our therapeutic music.


for current fees. Price varies based on choice of home study or attending some or all presence modules.

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Additional Information

Our Therapeutic Music Practitioner Certificate training is based on over 30 years of experience focusing on the use of INNER SOUND CDs. It provides the necessary expertise and background to employ the full range of our therapeutic music in a personal or professional context, working with mental, emotional, physical and energetic themes.

Our theory-based modules are applicable to all forms of sound therapy and would also be of interest to anyone wishing to develop their understanding of sound & music.

All modules within the training include exercises using sound & music - whether vocal techniques; tuning forks; or selected listening from the INNER SOUND CD titles. The CDs used in each module form part of the course material.

On average, students require approximately one year to complete this training, including completion of their own personal listening program and a minimum of two case studies.

Optional Modules

We also offer training in INNER SOUND Tuning Forks and Autophonetics (vocal technique); click on the links to learn more about these training courses.

Certification and Other Costs

All Practitioner Certificates are issued by Inner Sound International, based in Seattle, Washington, USA. To complete the certification process, you will be required to complete a minimum number of case studies; submit multiple choice papers for each module (provided with course material); conduct a course assessment interview by telephone with Arden Wilken, Director and co-founder of INNER SOUND.

Once certified as an INNER SOUND Sound Therapist in Therapeutic Music, practitioners are eligible for a membership to the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION of SOUND THERAPY.