Tuning Fork Workshop

tuning forks pair 5

Listening to the pure tones produced by tuning forks can help reduce stress and promote a deeply relaxed state.

Join our popular tuning fork introductory workshop and experience their effect for yourself - you'll be surprised how easy they are to use!

Tuning forks produce simple, 'pure' tones (single frequencies) that can be combined to create a soothing, meditative experience.

As you listen to your INNER SOUND Pair 5 tuning forks, you'll rapidly experience the subtle effect of sound vibrations passing through your system: calming your mind, altering your mood, releasing tension.

Workshop Outline

tuning forks pair 5

A practical one-day workshop, focused at providing simple guidelines for using tuning forks with confidence.

Topics include:

  1. why sound influences our body so rapidly;
  2. how combining sound frequencies promotes relaxation;
  3. practice sessions under supervision - on yourself & others;
  4. detailed guidelines for using your Pair 5 tuners (included in price).

This workshop is for anyone looking for a simple and effective relaxation technique:

  • Beauty therapists (use during facials)
  • Reflexologists
  • Massage therapists
  • Hypnotherapists
  • Energy workers
  • Personal or family use

A safe and easy way to release stress. Ideal meditation tool.

Teaching techniques include: discussion; demonstration; hands-on practice; feedback and questions. Students get plenty of opportunity to experience and use INNER SOUND tuning forks under supervision, both on themselves and others.

Payment and Booking

tuning forks pair 5

Registration: Your booking will be confirmed, once payment is made

Price: Download Course Brochure for details

Course Dates: Latest dates posted on Book a Workshop webpage.

Workshops take place in Twickenham, Middlesex (Location Map)

Certification and Other Costs

tuning forks pair 5

How do I certify as an INNER SOUND Tuning Fork Practitioner?

This workshop is not eligible for certification. If you wish to train as a practitioner, click here for our Basic and Advanced Practitioner Level training.

You complete a minimum number of case studies; submit two tests (provided within the manuals); complete a telephone interview and perform a treatment under observation. Certification is available at either level. An administrative fee is charged to cover tutor time to review your submitted work and the cost of sending you your certificate.

INNER SOUND tuning forks range in price from 65.00 - 415.00 per set; purchase is optional unless you plan to gain a practitioner qualification.

Once certified as an INNER SOUND TUNING FORK PRACTITIONER, you are also eligible for a certificate from the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION of SOUND THERAPY.

The School for INNER SOUND is a member of the International Association of Sound Therapy (IAST).

Learn more about our Sound Therapy Practitioner Training, available on a distance learning basis