Aims and Objectives: SOUND TOUCH Manual & CD

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Our SOUND TOUCH Home Study Manual offers a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental elements of INNER SOUND's system of sound healing: the INNER SOUND motifs and 5 different playing 'touches' developed by Arden Wilken.

Arden has woven these two elements together to create INNER SOUND's Tools for Self-Discovery Audio CD series, based on her hugely successful Personal Music compositions, commissioned by over 10,000 individuals.


sound touch

INNER SOUND motifs have a simple musical structure using a variety of scales including the pentatonic(five-note scale) some of the Greek modes and the Western diatonic scale.

  • The motifs help areas in your system to remember their dynamic movement of expansion or contraction
  • Depending on which instruments are used to play the motifs, aspects of you are touched - whether mental, emotional, physical or energetic.
  • INNER SOUND motifs can help you create movement and change regardless of where you may be in your personal development
  • INNER SOUND motifs help liberate trapped or blocked energy without proposing an external structure of how you should be or act or in what direction you should develop.

5 Playing 'Touches'

The five playing touches can be expressed as standard dynamic markings in music and can be learned through the use of specific exercises without any prior musical training required. They can be played with any instrument.

Learning to play the motifs with these touches provides you with a method to connect more directly with your emotional self, which in turn allows you to feel more deeply whatever music you may play or enjoy.

Sound Touch Manual and CD

sound touch

Your 120-page Manual contains the following detailed instruction:

Introduction, Uses & Enhancement Exercises for:

  • 21 musical motifs:
  • Motifs include: Alpha, Birth, Centering, Child, Cleaning, Conception, Contact, Contraction, Equalization, Lubrication, Amplification, Expansion, Foot Stimulation, Front/Back Alignment, Grounding, Hemispheric Balance, Hope, Integration, Left/Right Balance, Opening, Theta
  • 12 Life Themes:
  • Grounding; Connecting with Spiritual Truth; Remote Memories; Physical Vitality; Connecting with Spiritual Essence; Self-Image; Mental Clarity; Emotional Body; Childhood; Energy Balancing; Love; Inner Peace.

Sound Touch can be used as a tool for:

  • personal development
  • professional development
  • by music educators
  • by musicians and
  • non-musicians interested in learning to play

Sound Touch - How It Works

sound touch

Whether you follow all the exercises in the manual or only listen to the CD, you will still benefit from using Sound Touch.

With regular listening, you will notice you develop a growing awareness of yourself. Such awareness helps bring your focus back to yourself rather than focusing on the people or things around you.

You will also gradually become more aware of what's going on inside of you - mentally, emotionally or physically - which, in turn, allows you to be more receptive to your own thoughts and feelings.

The benefits you experience of using or listening to Sound Touch will vary depending on a number of factors:

  • how often you listen;
  • whether you listen to just one motif or the whole CD;
  • your emotional state or level of personal awareness;
  • your general state of health & how much you control your emotional expression;
  • how rapidly your nervous system responds to sound stimuli.

Initially, the motifs may sound unusual to your listening ear: their simple harmonic structure; the predominance of open intervals like the octave, perfect fourth and perfect fifth, as well as a lack of intricate harmony.

While you're becoming more accustomed to them, you may have to remind yourself that the main purpose for listening is not to entertain but for your system to absorb the sound vibrations - and subtle movement - as deeply as you can. You will soon notice any resistance dissipates as your awareness deepens.

This is music to feel and absorb with your whole organism - mind, body and spirit.

You can read more about listening recommendations and responses here.

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