Healing Series: Music For Pain

Deep Touch, Track 3

Music for both emotional and physical pain.

Detail: This music treats the nervous system by "coating" the pathways with cobalt blue vibration. Physical pain does not have to be present to benefit from using this title. It gives support through vibration to the nervous system so can also be useful in times of emotional stress. The length of time for relief varies.

This music is available on CD as Track 3 on Deep Touch

Listening Tips: Intensive use: as often as necessary; Normal use: 1-2 times a week

Volume and Dosage: Initially, listen at low volumes for just a few minutes to determine personal tolerance. Some may find listening for only 5 minutes at a time, but numerous times a day to work best. Others may find listening to the entire cycle 4-5 times consecutively gives the best results.

Note: This is the only INNER SOUND title that should be treated as a "medicine" in the sense of finding a personal dosage.

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Arthritis; Joint Pain

An important component of body awareness is an unbroken connection in the sensory pathways throughout the body.

Helps: alleviate pain
Symptoms: Pain
Use: Acute: Listen 2-3 times a day; as background music while sitting, lying down or during activity.
Chronic: Listen 1-2 times a day; with headphones while sitting or lying down


A birth is like a storm. It begins in many ways - quietly, suddenly, with intense physical and emotional highs and lows before ending. This music gives emotional and energetic support to the entire process.

Helps: alleviate pain
Symptoms: As desired during the entire birth from the onset of contractions
Use: Listen as desired; with headphones or as background music in any posture. Normally a lower volume than normal gives better results.

Physical Illness, Acute(colds, flu cough)

Helps: alleviate pain
Symptoms: Moderate to severe headache, general aches and pains
Use: Listen as often as needed; with headphones while sitting or lying down

Physical Illness, Chronic
(Cancer, AIDS, birth defects, nervous disorders, multiple sclerosis, etc)

All layers of the electromagnetic field are affected in cases of serious or chronic illness. This music is complementary to all forms of treatment; however, it is not a replacement for professional medical care.

Helps: alleviate pain
Symptoms: To help alleviate both emotional and physical pain
Use: Listen as often as desired where physical pain is present;
1-2 times a day to help alleviate emotional pain which often is a contributing factor to illness
With headphones while sitting or lying down

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Emotional Trauma
(Loss of job, death of loved one, divorce, separation, moving house, etc)

This music helps to experience and express the grief that comes from a life change whether it is desired or not.

Helps: alleviate pain
Symptoms: Both emotional and physical pain
Use: Listen as often as desired where physical pain is present; 1-2 times a day to help alleviate emotional pain. With headphones while sitting or lying down

Music for Pain exercises


Posture: Find the most comfortable position you can either sitting, reclining or lying down with you head, neck and shoulders gently supported by pillows. If it is comfortable to do so, use headphones.

Find a sample of cobalt blue, or color a 2 x 2 inch (6 cm x 6 cm) square of paper. This color is a very intense, electric blue. If necessary, visit an art store for a sample. Look at the color for a moment then put your fingers on it. If this is not possible to do, put it on your left forearm about 2 inches (6 cm) from the inside left side of your elbow color side down. Then, close your eyes.

Breathe in a relaxed manner. As you breathe, imagine that the sound of the music is activating the cobalt blue in the sample and that it is beginning to enter your body through your fingertips or forearm. Let it circulate to whatever part of your body it needs to, spine, head, legs, feet, or the whole body.

Continue to breathe slowly, absorbing the vibration from the color sample. Listen until you feel your body has had enough. This may be only 5 minutes or 3 hours. Take your time to return to the outside world.