Sound Touch

The Sound Touch CD contains 21 INNER SOUND Motifs and 12 Life Themes that form the core elements of the INNER SOUND method of sound healing.

Sound Touch CD can be purchased alone or with an Introductory Booklet, explaining briefly the primary influences of each motif or life theme.

The Sound Touch Home Study Program, includes a comprehensive 120-page study manual providing detailed instructions for its many uses. A Paypal link is provided at the bottom of this page to buy this option.


Sound Touch

Inner Sound Elements

How It Works

Inner Sound Elements

Sound Touch

What is Sound Touch?

Sound Touch is the teaching method through which everyone - musicians and non-musicians alike - can learn to use a unique system of sound healing developed by Arden Wilken. It is based on the combination of 50 musical motifs and 5 different touches.

Arden has woven these two elements together to create INNER SOUND, a series of self-help tapes and CDs, as well as her hugely successful Personal Music compositions, commissioned by over 10,000 individuals.


A motif is a short musical phrase made up of several notes that create a distinctive rhythmic pattern. Since 1978, through her investigative work with sound and music, Arden has identified over 50 motifs that have their own distinct healing influences.


The five touches can be expressed as standard dynamic markings in music and can be learned through the use of specific exercises without any prior musical training required. They can be played with any instrument, including the voice.

Learning to play the motifs with these touches provides you with a method to connect more directly with your emotional self, which in turn allows you to feel more deeply whatever music you may play or enjoy.


You can buy the Sound Touch CD with one of two versions of the instruction manual:

The complete Sound Touch manual provides detailed information about the application of the motifs and Life Themes for both individuals and professionals. In addition, we include a section for musicians and non-musicians alike, showing how to play the motifs on a keyboard represented in both musical notation and graphical form.

The Sound Touch booklet only covers the purpose of each motif or Life Theme and the enhancement exercises that help integrate the releases/effects produced by regular or repeated listening.

The CD presents 21 motifs and 12 Life Themes, combinations that Arden commonly uses in the Personal Music and her compositions.

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How It Works

Sound Touch


Whether you follow all the exercises in the manual or only listen to the CD, you will still benefit from using Sound Touch.

With regular listening, you will notice you develop a growing awareness of yourself. Such awareness helps bring your focus back to yourself rather than focusing on the people or things around you.

You will gradually become more aware of what's going on inside of you - mentally, emotionally or physically - which, in turn, allows you to be more receptive to your own thoughts and feelings.

The benefits you experience of using or listening to Sound Touch will vary depending on a number of factors:

  • how often you listen;
  • whether you listen to just one motif or the whole CD;
  • your emotional state or level of personal awareness;
  • your general state of health & how much you control your emotional expression;
  • how rapidly your nervous system responds to sound stimuli.


Initially, the motifs may sound unusual to your listening ear: their simple harmonic structure; the predominance of open intervals like the octave, perfect fourth and perfect fifth, as well as a lack of intricate harmony.

While you're becoming more accustomed to them, you may have to remind yourself that the main purpose for listening is not to entertain but for your system to absorb the sound vibrations - and subtle movement - as deeply as you can. You will soon notice any resistance dissipates as your awareness deepens.

This is music to feel and absorb with your whole organism - mind, body and spirit.

Listening Recommendation

We recommend listening to Sound Touch CD with headphones that have large pads that cover your whole ear. You can also use speakers with accurate stereo imaging but position them so they are facing the same direction, making sure you sit equi-distant between them.

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General Listening

Sound Touch

General Listening

If you want to include sound healing at some level in your life, you do not have to follow a dedicated programme of listening with enhancement exercises. You can still listen to Sound Touch as background music, as you would listen to the radio, at home, at work, or in your car. The effect will be cumulative but not so noticeable in the short term.

We suggest you listen to the complete CD about 4-5 times per week for 4-6 weeks to receive a lasting benefit. You can maximize the benefit of listening this way by using headphones.

Subtle Changes

The kind of reactions you will experience whilst listening will range from subtle sensations or feelings to more obvious physical reactions, such as a change in the content of your dreams, dream recall or sleep patterns; or memories of past events or people suddenly coming to mind. You might also experience sudden sensitivities to certain situations; heightened body sensations; or unexplained moments of extreme mental clarity. These indicate an inner movement and clearing process, which is quite normal from listening to the motifs.

Physical Sensations

There are also a wide range of physical sensations that you might feel: tingling and/or warmth; visualization of colors and images; emotional reactions (crying, laughing etc); sudden awareness of tension spots or areas of soreness; headache; sensations of falling, dizziness, floating or expansion; streams of consciousness; sharper visual perception; increased relaxation and/or the sensation of the sound circling in your head.


If you find any of these sensations uncomfortable, you can ease them by listening to the CD for shorter periods of time or less frequently until they eventually pass. Such reactions can indicate conscious psychological defenses against change – even though consciously you may want the changes to happen - and indicate that the motifs are touching blockages.

You may not be consciously aware of any change at any level even after listening for six weeks. If this occurs, keep listening. You are probably the type of person where energetic shifts take longer to notice. We have had people who listened to this music for several months without noticing anything in particular and then, all of a sudden, they become aware of quite distinct differences and changes in one or more aspects of their life.

4 Ways to Use SOUND TOUCH

Sound Touch

There are several distinct ways of using the Sound Touch CD, all of which will enhance any type of personal development technique. If you are at the start of your journey of self discovery, self healing or greater self awareness, Inner Sound Motifs and Life Themes are an ideal starting point.

Alternatively, you can use these four methods in a progressive way, following one stage with the next to embark on a powerful journey of self discovery through sound.

All four methods have the additional effect of increasing your ability to feel and receive the vibrations of any type of music you normally listen to and enjoy.

Four Methods:

1. General listening to CD as background music. This requires the least amount of focused time and you can expect to experience results on average between 4 and 6 weeks as the effect is more subtle and will take longer.

2. Take each motif and listen for approximately 5-10 minutes a day for 19 days. The effect is more intensive. Depending on the motif you will have to complete certain exercises e.g. visualizations, breath work or a specific movement, while listening.

3. The third method gives you the added possibility of working with the twelve Life Themes, combinations of certain motifs, to focus on special issues.

4. In the complete version of the manual only, you can learn how to play the motifs on a keyboard whether you have musical training or not. This last method allows you to enter the exciting world of making your own music, which adds a new dimension of sound healing.

If you decide to follow all four ways, one after the other, each has a cumulative effect, building on the previous segment to create a solid experiential foundation for sound healing.

Whether you have spent years in personal discovery, are just starting or just want to deepen your experience of music, you will find a way to use this CD to suit your goals in the amount of time and energy you have available.

Sound Touch Home Study Program: Buy Now

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