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Just Tuning

Just Tuning vs Tempered Tuning

Just Tuning is a way of tuning instruments that refect the natural harmoncs of the voice. Western music used this or similar tuning methods up until the development of the modern piano (early 1800's).

Tempered Tuning was adopted for the piano and was used in nearly all western music up until the present time. Tempered tuning does not maintain the natural relationships or intervals between the notes in the same way as Just tuning. Therefore Tempered Tuning doesn't quite match the harmonics in the voice, which causes an underlying level of stress in the nervous system.

Effect of Just Tuning?

Simply put: RELAXATION!

When people listen to music in just tuning, their reaction is "Oh, I feel so relaxed". Play the same music using tempered tuning - a more commonly used method of tuning - and the comment is "That's nice, but there's something about the other one that's more relaxing"

Our nervous system knows the difference!